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Smart Pay

Empower patients to manage their healthcare costs

Why You Need Smart Pay

High self pay deductibles is the new normal. Patients will bear more of the responsibility for payment on an increasing basis. Delivering patient statements can be costly and slow. Following bills with collection activity is expensive. Fast payments with limited terms prevents profit erosion. Smart Pay makes it easy to understand healthcare costs so patients are more likely to pay when asked the first time.

In order to collect from patients we need to:

  • Make it easy for staff to ask for payment
  • Use app to ask for payment upfront
  • Make it easy for patients to pay you

Smart Pay is wired in to the keepers of all this data so that the processing time is seconds, not days or weeks. Whatever information is missing to complete the payment cycle can be built with your input and guidance, though we know who all the keepers are and how to access the information.



Inspire patients to cooperate!

Besides enabling immediate payments with patient permission, we can inspire the patient cooperation with the inclusion of incentive programs. Typically these are comprised of points programs that can be used in lieu of HSA payments, or discount programs for compliance and proactive wellness participation.