Communications Affect The Revenue Cycle

Patient Flow

TEXT/EMAIL/PHONE REMINDERS - Automated System to remind patients of appointments (Outbound). LAB REPORTING - Inbound calls to deliver lab result & test result. HEALTH MAINTENANCE - Outbound calls to get patients to schedule yearly exam. COLLECTION CALLS - Outbound calls to solicit payments, as well as other custom requirements you may have.


AUTOMATED REGISTRATION PROGRAMS - This is custom built software that enables patients to build their own registrations online and then have them electronically routed appropriately. It facilitates insurance verification since patient access can then check insurance information before the patient presents for services. If patient cannot/will not complete on line they can print out the appropriate forms which can then be filled out at home and brought to their appointment.


E-MEDICAL FORMS - Dynamically printed and inserted forms for delivery with HandHolderTM for one to one communication of Dr. specific and diagnosis specific material such as Medical History forms to assist in patient care, or procedure preparation information that is too lengthy and involved to print in appointment block of HandHolder.

Patient Estimating/Price Transparency

Send your patient estimates in with their HandHolder so they can know the accurate cost of their healthcare before they arrive and prepare appropriately. This can include instructions for financial aid, low or no interest loans, and other payment options. No surprises, no fear.


PATIENT FRIENDLY STATEMENTS - Sending patients bills they can read and understand can be accomplished across various software platforms utilizing existing data. We can manipulate, enhance and augment the data to make a patient friendly bill. Mailed version can be used to communicate many important business issues for patients and hospitals and physicians. EBPP -(Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) FOR PATIENTS - To enable patients to access and pay their medical bills online in a highly secure environment. RETURN MAIL SERVICE - We can make return mail disappear for hospitals and Doctors utilizing this unique service to find lost patients, capture revenues previously viewed as bad debt, and update the registration database. It is an after market product.

Internal Collections

EBPP FOR ADMINS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE enables customer service reps to see the same bill the patient sees, enter payments online, validate information, and reprint bills on demand. A special report allows admins to see and sort bills by dollar volume to research suspect bills before they are mailed.

Zero Balance

PATIENT EDUCATION AND WELLNESS NEWSLETTER - One-to-One marketing tool designed to get patients to utilize more service offerings from your facility and/or affiliates. The major differentiator here is our ability to track and report new revenues generated from this product while reducing overall print and distribution spend dramatically. This can also help with population wellness initiatives to impact patient behavior! Ask us about our extraordinary results.

Effective communications

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