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Communications Affect The Revenue Cycle

Patient Flow

TEXT/EMAIL/PHONE REMINDERS - Automated System to remind patients of appointments (Outbound). LAB REPORTING - Inbound calls to deliver lab result & test result. HEALTH MAINTENANCE - Outbound calls to get patients to schedule yearly exam. COLLECTION CALLS - Outbound calls to solicit payments, as well as other custom requirements you may have.


Automated Registration Programs can be accomplished easily and quickly using a variety of tools.

  • 1. We can supply iPads that are preprogrammed to collect data on the spot.
  • 2. We can use Virtual Agents to call and collect the data verbally by asking key information to get a new patient scheduled.
  • 3. We can use software tools to present mobile-friendly registration questionnaires.
  • 4. In all cases, we can move the information from the data collection method to the patient EMR. If no EMR, we can coach the patient to create one.
  • 5. We can text the requested information to the patient, allowing them to upload documents that our Virtual Agents can read, so patients may not need to key in information on their mobile device.This typically includes driver's license, insurance cards, credit cards, etc.

E-Medical Forms - These can be handled in a “low tech” manner or a “Hi Tech” Manner, or “New Tech Manner.

Low Tech Manner is the info above.

Hi Tech Manner - Required forms or information needed by medical professionals can be presented securely to patients for them to complete online. This can be inside a secure link, on provided iPads in the office (this is common), or via secure text or email.

New Tech manner uses our Virtual Agents to present and prompt patients verbally or electronically through the requirements. Our Virtual Agents can prepopulate the information using data from the EMR, Insurance Companies, or other approved sources. Once completed these can be pushed back to the patient EMR to update their records.

Patient Estimating/Price Transparency

Send your patient estimates in with their HandHolder so they can know the accurate cost of their healthcare before they arrive and prepare appropriately. This can include instructions for financial aid, low or no interest loans, and other payment options. No surprises, no fear.

Ever changing regulations regarding price transparency would reinforce the idea of using new technology to update patient communications and present to patients via flexible means. Our Virtual Agents can make outbound calls to make sure patients see or retrieve this important information in a timely manner.


PATIENT FRIENDLY STATEMENTS - Sending patients bills they can read and understand can be accomplished across various software platforms utilizing existing data. We can manipulate, enhance and augment the data to make a patient friendly bill. Mailed version can be used to communicate many important business issues for patients and hospitals and physicians. EBPP -(Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) FOR PATIENTS - To enable patients to access and pay their medical bills online in a highly secure environment. RETURN MAIL SERVICE - We can make return mail disappear for hospitals and Doctors utilizing this unique service to find lost patients, capture revenues previously viewed as bad debt, and update the registration database. It is an after market product. Whether you use new payment methods- like Papaya Pay, Text to Pay, or Pay by Phone, you will need a statement to show patients so they can verify their bills. The quality of these bills- both visually and data wise will be critical to their response. Some states still require statements to be mailed to patients- specifically prior to collection activity. We can help you with this as well.

Internal & External Collections

Collection activity , whether internal or external (aka call centers) have no better friend than our Virtual Agents/Conversational Ai. Industry standards tell us that 20-30% of ALL incoming calls are most frequently patients who just want to pay their bill over the phone. How do you handle this today, and at what expense. Please see our Virtual Agents Collections video to easy how easily you can get affordable help with this vexing problem and how to make sure “No patient is left behind” regardless of their phone type, their health literacy skills, or their access to computers.