Products & Services For The Healthcare Industry

HandHolder™ is our flagship product and service. It is a unique patent pending product that is impacting patients and healthcare organizations across the country. HandHolder™ addresses many concerns of the healthcare industry by maximizing existing software investments while improving patient satisfaction, and reducing no show rates. HandHolder™ gives the patients , on one cohesive document, everything they need to:

  • Get to the right place
  • At the right time
  • Having done the right preparation

This requires the combination of correct, complete data and the ability to enhance, manipulate, and augment the data to achieve the desired end result. In fact, the robustness of this product, combined with its flexibility enables the automated process to deliver highly customized communications on a patient by patient basis.

OmniClinic is a software application for clinicians that securely delivers information about critical events, transitions of care, lab values, discharge summaries, transcribed notes, and more to the user’s mobile device. It is accessible through a regular web browser, and supports all mobile and web platforms. OmniClinic is being offered in collaboration with iLabs Medical LLC, a physician-led software development company dedicated to the advancement of health information technology for the benefit of patients and the entire healthcare system.

Patient Friendly Self Pay Statements is a product and service that Smart Source has provided to large and small healthcare providers and organizations for over 14 years.

Smart Pay! A new service allows comprehensive mobile presentment of a patient’s healthcare financial status. This includes out of pocket anticipated costs, Year to date deductible information, anticipated Insurance payments, Explanation of Benefits, and health savings accounts status.


HandHolder™ is a unique patent pending product that is impacting patients and healthcare organizations across the country.

Patient Estimates

PMMC Estimator PRO allows healthcare providers to provide the patient with an accurate estimate of their financial responsibilities. Read more here.

E-Medical Forms

Instruction sheets, informational sheets, educational sheets, and diagnostic worksheets have been utilized by many of the top ten hospitals in the country.


We can help you communicate important health messages to patients using technology they are comfortable and close to everyday.

Texting & Automated Calls

Automated appointment phone reminders, bill reminder calls, emergency calls, educational calls, and solicitation calls as requested.

Smart Pay

Empower patients to manage their healthcare costs

Foreign Language

Dynamic language specific communications conversions

Statement Processing

Let us help you send patient friendly, totally customized statements.


Smart Source/OmniClinic is your one-stop solution for mobile clinical data management.