15 September 2020

800 Chicago nurses strike

Chicago is one of many cities where nurses are striking due to understaffing making care of patients difficult during the Coronavirus pandemic.  
08 September 2020

Creative Digital Concepts

Smart Source provides digital solutions that work giving you quality control and total oversight of production, delivery and distribution driving down your inventory and production costs. Visit or call (800) 232-5004.  
08 September 2020

Vision is More Important than the Product.

Vision is King in business, and selling your vision is as important as your product. You sell your vision the right way and your product sells itself. Smart Source knows about vision and is ready to help you optimize your brand.
08 September 2020

Physicians and Computers

Computer use during a visit with your patients can be intimidating. It is important to communicate with your patients on a personal level and make them comfortable. Here are some suggestions found in an article from Reuters.
08 September 2020


Visit  You will find a simple, online program that gets your expectant mothers involved in their prenatal healthcare early on before their delivery date. Instant on-line registration, pre-approvals and foreign language communication for your patients.
03 September 2020

Promotions for Growth

Being a fully integrated solutions provider we will optimize your brand with quality products. Call us at (800) 232-5004 or visit Let us help you design your next giveaway for office employees, sports teams and conventions.
03 September 2020

Results-oriented Outsourcing for the Business Process

Online bidding with vetted manufacturers, on-site customer service agents, cost transparency and quarterly business reviews to show and ensure cost savings.
03 September 2020

Health Literacy Article from Helen Osborne, M.Ed, OTR/L on communication with patients from different backgrounds.

There are many ways health providers can communicate effectively so patients can understand especially those from other countries and cultures. Email Helen at or call 508-653-1199.
03 September 2020

PPE Survey

A recent survey concerning PPE for nurses. Barb McLaughlin can help with this. Call her at 617-519-9140 or email