24 September 2020

Important Words for Healthcare

When it comes to the world of health, words are important and they should incorporate all aspects of our society.
23 September 2020

Harvard University on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Providing information on AI in Medicine, applications, implications and limitations.
23 September 2020

Delivering Knowledge

Smart Source is ready to customize, manage and mail within 24 hours any of your college communication materials across the country. Give us a call today at 1-800-232-5004.
23 September 2020

Younger Adults & Understanding Pandemic Restrictions

An article on the University of Michigan results from national text-message surveys covering the misunderstanding young adults and teens experience during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.  
21 September 2020

Patients Wanting To Know

Today’s patients are much more involved in their care and they want to know the costs they will be responsible for ahead of any doctor visit or surgical procedure. PMMC Estimator PRO allows you to give your patients accurate estimates for hospital and physician services.
21 September 2020

Med Students & Foreign Language An article by Gabriella Schmuter, Academic Medicine, on the relevance of Medical School Students learning another language in order to be more involved (when on rounds and residency or even opening their own practice), to provide a higher standard of care to their foreign language patients.
16 September 2020

Coronavirus and You

Several articles from WebMD offering extensive information on the Coronavirus so you can be better informed and protect against infection. The more we know, the better off we’ll all be during this pandemic.
16 September 2020

Get Results on your Direct Mail Marketing Efforts

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be integrated into your existing marketing efforts. The integration of color into your documents offers higher ROI on marketing and higher member satisfaction, loyalty and retention.  
15 September 2020

Patient Information Made Easy

Handholder from Smart Source was developed to help guide patients through their medical care by providing information so they know about their office visits. hospital testing, locations and directions so no appointments are missed and more.