07 October 2020

My Life, My Story

Helen Osborne with a special program from the VA Health System and Thor Ringler, National Program Manager, on interviewing and listening to VA patients stories and how it helps veterans and providers alike.
06 October 2020

Could you Meet the Challenge?

A really cute video showing our frontline workers taking on a challenge from a 7 year old. It was a nice break for some of our hero’s.\  
06 October 2020

The Best We Can Do

Smart Source and it’s communications tools give healthcare staff the ability to spend more time with their patients instead of paperwork. Call 800-232-5004 or visit us at to learn more about what we can do for your hospital or clinic.
05 October 2020

President Trump and the Coronavirus

With the President infected with Covid-19, the seriousness of this epidemic is now believable. If the President can get it, anyone can. Please be careful and considerate of others.
05 October 2020

Free, Easy and Fast Bill Pay

Isn’t it time for a secure way for your patient’s to pay their bill quickly. Now there is, the Papaya App is Fast, Easy and Free. Contact us today to learn more at Or call Barbara McLaughlin at 508-661-6815.
28 September 2020

Build your Revenue with us.

When you operate a retail business, you need your print, digital and promotional products to work for you by increasing your brand awareness. Communicate with customers, build customer loyalty and increase your revenue.
28 September 2020

Mixed Media

Interesting short history of all segments of media. We’ve evolved so quickly developing various modes of communication. Very exciting. What will be next?
28 September 2020

Robots Importance in Medicine

Hospital News on robots and Medicine already in practice assisting and extending the service our healthcare workers provide. Pretty cool stuff.
28 September 2020

Proactive Telemedicine

Smart Source/First Outcomes now offering free use of the TeleMedicine Platform, VisitBot. Providing a scheduling calendar with your website, where patients can self-schedule e-visits and more, integrating directly with your EMR. Barb McLaughlin, VP/Healthcare  -  617-519-9140  -