19 October 2020

Has the new future of work arrived?

What Forbes has to say regarding those working at home. The pandemic is now proving to become a massive experiment in telecommuting questioning the way we are working at home more. Odds are that when the COVID-19 crisis is over, more employers will let some employees work at home at least some of the time.  
19 October 2020

When You Need the Best.

Offering a full suite of solutions for your communication efforts to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs via print, digital, text and reports.  
19 October 2020

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), learn the symptoms.

Up to 20 percent of teens may experience a major depressive episode during adolescence, especially during Covid-19 and the changes in lifestyle caused by it. Look for five or more symptoms and seek professional help.
19 October 2020

Get your children to the right place, at the right time and be properly prepared?

Getting information to parents for their children’s care has never been easier when you  select the experts. We work with any scheduling software, handle all the details and deliver your critical medical information on time.
15 October 2020

Veteran's Day ... November 11

With Veterans Day fast approaching, I thought it may be a good idea to learn some history about what Veterans Day means.  
12 October 2020

Print Your Way

Let Smart Source handle all of your printing needs; buying, managing and distributing your print and promotional projects, always on time delivery, always what you wanted, all in one place.
12 October 2020

The Coronavirus and the VA

This article covers everything a Veteran Needs to Know regarding Covid-19 and questions and answers on many other VA needs and benefits as well.  
12 October 2020

Smart Value Base Performance (VBP) with Artificial Intelligence

AI can help save lives, stress and also save money using analytics to assist in determining just how ill a patient is ensuring pro-active care be taken to lessen further risks.
12 October 2020

How is the country doing during the pandemic?

An informative article and graphs regarding ten facts about Covid-19 and the U.S. Economy and how the population and various places of business have been affected to date.