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12 January 2021

Robots to make you laugh.

I donÆt think we will ever stop being astounded with robots and what they can do. Evolving every day for fun, medical help and even manufacturing. This is just a bunch of fun to watch.
12 January 2021

People with mild memory loss and how to communicate.

Helen Osborne, Health Literacy, offering ideas for better communication for people with mild memory loss.á
12 January 2021

Computers and neck hump.

As more and more of us are at the computer for long lengths of time, we could find we are developing a ôneck hump.ö Here are some suggested exercises that may help from Milton Chiropractic Clinic Cambridge. Always check with your physician before beginning any exercise.
06 January 2021

What happens if you get Covid-19

This video was done prior to getting the vaccine but is a very clear explanation capturing what happens when you get Covid-19 provided by Nucleusmedicalmediaá
05 January 2021

2021: research and medical trends in a post-pandemic world

An article from nature medicine, December 2020, speaking with experts discussing the biomedical community and how it has changed due the pandemic and looking forward to six trends coming in 2021.
05 January 2021

Branding, Branding, Branding

It always comes back to branding. If you want your business to be recognized and more importantly, remembered, let the creative team at Smart Source help you succeed on the first try. Call us at 800-232-5004 or visit
05 January 2021

How is Corona-19 affecting the economy?

An article from TomorrowÆs World from May-June 2020 regarding Economies around the world. Interesting narrative from just a few months ago looking at how the pandemic was playing out at that period and now what we are seeing today.