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19 August 2021

The (robotic) doctor will see you now.

MIT News. In a study performed in the emergency department at Brigham and Women’s, it was found a large majority of patients reported that interacting with a health care provider via a video screen mounted on a robot was similar to an in-person interaction with a health care worker.
18 August 2021

Risk Materials

Smart Source has a creative team dedicated to designing and producing graphics, labels, packaging and IFU’s for risk based clients regulated by the FDA. We follow strict guidelines but still don’t have to sacrifice creativity.
18 August 2021


HandHolder is a unique device able to connect with a diverse patient population for personalized information. It’s difficult for patients to always remember what they were told in the office and this system ensures better patient compliance. Working with any scheduling software, HandHolder offers a genuine solution.
13 August 2021

UCDavis Health on Coronavirus and Variants.

An informative article on Covid-19 and the Delta variant. The Delta variant is highly contagious with symptoms much like Covid-19 and is affecting unvaccinated people more.
12 August 2021

Is Packaging important?

Smart Source offers Eco-Friendly Products for all of your packaging requirements. Our experienced creative staff will assist in assessing, creating, developing and sourcing the right materials to meet your individual branding needs.
10 August 2021

Mayo Clinic - Alzheimer's

Amyloid Plaques in the brain are a characteristic sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Many studies are ongoing but it is a show and painstaking process. The Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD) is working with pharmaceutical companies, foundations and government advisers to share data from Alzheimer’s clinical trials.
10 August 2021

AI and Healthcare working together.

Digital Employees (Bots) offer multi-tasking while allowing staff and healthcare professionals more time to focus on their patient’s care. They can talk/text patients, retrieve and deposit information with insurance companies, pharmacies and Electronic Medical Records and countless other patient services.
05 August 2021

World Economic Forum provides a review of drugs and their impact on marine life.

From methamphetamines, cocaine, antidepressants, even contraceptive hormone-disrupting chemicals are found in our waters around the world. Unfortunately, sewage treatment plants don’t filter these chemicals.
05 August 2021

Statement-Processing Made Easy.

Let your patients pay their bills via their phones, quicker and more convenient than ever. We incorporate special tools to reformat your existing data so there is no need to purchase any new software. Call us today for a demo and see how to improve your cash flow.