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04 November 2021

Smart Source is a global print provider.

From marketing collateral, stationery packages, sales manuals to trade show exhibits, displays, posters and banners, Smart Source will deliver the printed product you need to get you the best return for your dollars spent, business, auto, retail and hospitality.
01 November 2021

Stress Relief … Take a Deep Breath.

Stress can build up quickly due to the endless list of things we want to get done, at home and at work. Here are some helpful suggestions to help manage stressful situations from Healthline.
01 November 2021

Getting information to patients faster.

The Hand-Holder™ in Today’s World is a valuable asset to any physician office or hospital whose staff time is becoming overwhelmed with responsibility. It is a device integrating personal/critical communication with patients effortlessly and works with any scheduling software. Provides medical information, directions, appointment reminders and more.
29 October 2021

Direct Mail Sometimes Overlooked

Even with the digital world presenting marketing advantages in some areas, it doesn’t cover all of them. Direct Mail offers the recipient the opportunity to physically hold what they receive and can save the information for a later date. Blocking/Deleting emails is done on a regular basis but everyone goes to get their mail. Customized and personalized for each individual customer.
29 October 2021

Print, Digital Marketing

Smart Source has been in business over 50 years providing top quality printed and digital programs as well as offering premium promotional items for every business need. We utilize our team of innovators, network partners, distributors and suppliers to give our customers optimal return on their investment.
27 October 2021

Fall Travel Amid Covid-19 and Variants.

Christopher Elliott is the founder of Elliott Advocacy provides insight on travel this fall to USA Today. With Covid-19 and subsequent variants still with us, there is a lot to consider when planning a vacation in the U.S. and Europe as well. Consider remote activities such as camping, horseback riding, ranch vacations and hiking and renting a house versus a hotel room.
27 October 2021

Lifelike Robots from Hong Kong

Hanson Robotics, based in Hong Kong, has four robotic models including Sophia that will start rolling out of factories in 2021. Due to the pandemic they feel new opportunities for robotics will increase including healthcare, retail and even airlines.
21 October 2021

Smart Source Delivers.

From Brand Development to Creative On-Line/Email Marketing to Advertising Campaigns, Smart Source combines state-of-the-art technologies and its team of innovative directors and graphic artists provide you with a full suite of creative services resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales.
21 October 2021

Reduced Communication Costs

Smart Source provides solutions through all delivery methods to ensure your client’s critical documents are protected. We offer storage and archival systems for statements, invoices, medical and insurance information. User access is secured and locked at multiple levels.