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04 January 2022

Print Industry Alive and Well

Changing the model through marketing. Printers need to understand what motivates their clients and develop and provide print solutions to meet specific needs.
30 December 2021

Critical Medical Communications

Smart Source continues to improve the way your critical communications are generated with a one-stop source for processing and delivery with customized marketing and messaging, electronic and text delivery (printing and mailing) and real time access to your data.
30 December 2021

Walter Reed developing vaccine to work against all Covid & Sars variants

Following 2 years of work, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research plan to announce they developed a vaccine effective against Covid-19 and all variants. Clinical trials continue.
28 December 2021

Negative Impact of Landfills

Landfills help keep communities clean but also pose serious threats to the environment. Recycling can help decrease the negative effects of landfills.
28 December 2021

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare 2021

Pharmaceutical Technology looks at AI and machine learning and how it has impacted healthcare in 2021. AI has the ability to bring together vast quantities of data to assist decision-making from pharmaceutical innovators to healthcare providers.
23 December 2021

Ready for the best in creative technology?

When your company is ready to implement a digital or print campaign, you will find it is not an easy task. Let the creative and graphic designers at Smart Source take the lead role in developing a personalized targeted plan from brand development and management to marketing campaigns that will increase your visibility and sales.
23 December 2021

Nurses on the line during Covid-19

Here are accounts from 14 nurses at four Harvard-affiliated hospitals on how the pandemic affected them and their jobs. Just shows how special nurses really are.
21 December 2021

PMMC Estimator, an HFMA Peer Reviewed product

It’s important today to provide patients with accurate estimates of their financial responsibility for hospital and physician services. Rates are calculated with insurance company’s contracted rates incorporating patient co-pay, co-insurance and any remaining deductible. or call Maria O’Donnell at 800-232-5004 x 224 for detailed information
21 December 2021

Omicron variant could impact your workplace.

Business leaders are looking at safety measures that could help them get ahead of the Omicron variant. For now, they are helping employees to get vaccinated and be paid for the time off, providing face coverings and ensuring social distancing indoors. Possible push back dates from reopening are possible.