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16 March 2022

Technology makes translation easy

Many languages are found on this earth. So, language barrier can be a problem between patients, doctors, and their staff. Medical conversation is tough, so it can’t be translated correctly using ordinary software’s. you need a dynamic system which includes different types of dialects as well. Let us show you how to get the best results.
14 March 2022

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare AI or digital employees can: • Perform 1000’s of interactions simultaneously, 24/7 • Schedule meetings with clinicians • Perform Care Coordination and Post-Op Nursing Tasks #healthcareai #digital employee For more information contact: Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224
07 March 2022

Will surgeons be replaced by robots one day?

AI innovations in healthcare don't proxy human doctors. They just enhance what they already can do by taking on certain job. By some estimates, technology is about to replace 82% of what doctors currently do. So, one thing is clear: medical experts should be aware that their jobs are going to change
01 March 2022

Turbulent Times and the Age of the Digital Employee

In these turbulent times, many hospitals and medical centers find themselves without adequate staffing at all levels of the organization, Smart Source and its partner First Outcomes have developed Digital Employees to help fill staffing gaps. Digital Employees Can Help You A Digital Employee can perform rote tasks, such as Scheduling, Care Coordination, Post-Op Nursing, Registration functions and much more. And our Digital Employees are infinitely scalable ...capable of 100, 1,000, or 10,000 interactions simultaneously, available 24/7, are never sick, and are cost-efficient. For more information contact: Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224 #digitalemployee
25 February 2022

Digital Statements

Statements are difficult for medical facilities because they require time to ensure payments are received in a timely manner. We have magic tools to reformat, manipulate, augment and enhance your data. Let your patients see and pay their bills from their phones. #digitalpayments #digitalstatements #handholder #smartpay
23 February 2022

Stress Relief … Take a Deep Breath

Stress Relief… Take a Deep Breath Stress can build up quickly due to the endless list of things we want to get done, at home and at work. Here are some helpful suggestions to help manage stressful situations from Healthline.
06 January 2022

Mobile Phone Communications

Communication is easy when information, estimates, phone/email/text/billing and payment can be done via information you already have without major capital expenditures or Board of Director approvals. Call us today at 800-232-5004 x 224 or visit us at
06 January 2022

5 trends that will make or break healthcare’s labor shortages

Analysts and industry stakeholders don’t expect the medical labor crunch to disappear in 2022. Hospital workforce has declined nearly 90,000 people since March, 2020.
04 January 2022

Smart Print Solutions from Smart Source

Incorporating innovative technology with professional consulting services to help you become a better marketer. Specializing in procurement, production and distribution of print/promotional materials.