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18 November 2021

Save Time, Money and Worry on Creative Projects, Let a Professional Work with You.

Finding the right provider for all of your creative, digital and printing needs couldn’t be easier. Smart Source has only one goal and that is to provide you with state-of-the-art technology customized to your specific business and healthcare project needs. Call 800-232-5004, ext. 224 or visit
16 November 2021

Lasting Symptoms after Covid-19

From Hackensack Meridian, a listing of lasting symptoms following a Covid-19 infection that may or may not affect everyone.
16 November 2021

Smart Source/Hand-Holder

The Mission of Smart Source/Hand-Holder is one of providing the most efficient, cost-effective healthcare communications systems to hospitals, physicians and clinics allowing staff to interact with patients on a more personal level. Call 800-232-5004, ext. 224 or visit
12 November 2021

ISO Regulated Manufacturer/Distributor

Smart Source is ISO Certified and recognized as a leader service manufacturer/distributor for the regulated healthcare market for more than 30 years. Providing the highest level of quality labels, inserts, ECO and managed inventory programs. Our team of quality and compliance experts oversee the entire process.
12 November 2021

F.D.A. warns parents against getting children under 12 vaccinated

None of the vaccines available today have been cleared for children under 12. Pediatric clinical trials will assist in determining the correct vaccine dose. Various stories from The New York Times on Covid-19 and the various affects it has created.
11 November 2021

Veteran’s Day 2021

Remembering our Veterans who loved this country and fought for its honor and continued freedom is something we must never forget. We owe them so much for the sacrifices they made on our behalf.
10 November 2021

5 Benefits of Using AI in Healthcare

World Wide Technology explains why artificial intelligence (AI) has become the most powerful agent of transformation in the healthcare industry
10 November 2021

How many employees have hospitals lost to Covid vaccine mandates?

A report from Fierce Healthcare, 11/1/2021, list some astounding numbers to say the least. If you look at the various healthcare systems that have either put on leave or dismissed employees or for employees that have resigned for non-compliance to the mandate, it is clear these people want to make their own choice regarding vaccination.
04 November 2021

Removing chemotherapy drugs from water systems.

Cleaning products, organic dyes and pharmaceuticals such as a chemotherapy drug, methotrexate, are entering water bodies with negative implications to health and the environment. This drug is not absorbed by the body and ends up in water channels from hospital waste, sewage and surface waters.