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29 March 2023

5 innovations that are revolutionizing global healthcare

It’s no surprise to us that AI is among the top innovations revolutionizing healthcare.
23 March 2023

Mass General to Test Virtual Reality Solution for Mental Healthcare

The use of virtual reality technologies to enhance patient care is growing. #patientcare #patientcommunication
16 March 2023

AI help to detect Alzheimer's disease at an early stage.

AI could potentially enhance the process of detecting Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. It’s leading to earlier diagnoses and more time for treatment. #AIhealthcare #patientcommunications
09 March 2023

An artificial intelligence-based lip-reading app

Wow, an artificial intelligence-based lip-reading app that helps patients who struggle to speak. Patients simply need to mouth a phrase in front of a smartphone camera, and the app will interpret it and say it out loud for them.
07 February 2023

Meet DEE

Digital employees can: perform 1000’s of interactions simultaneously (24/7), schedule meetings, perform care coordination and more. For more information contact: Barbara McLaughlin VP Healthcare Solutions 617-519-9140 #digitalemployee
02 February 2023

Harvard and MIT researchers created software to detect cancer at early stage.

15 December 2022

“Digital employees

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) or “digital employees” can help with patient management. Digital Employees can perform administrative tasks and contribute to patient record management. Digital employees can help with appointment scheduling and billing. Contact us for more information and ask for a demo of our AI based patient communication application. For more info, contact Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224 #patientcommunications
10 November 2022

Digital employee can boost hospital performance

A Digital Employee is an AI-driven software designed for scheduling, communicating, evaluating, anticipation, and intervention of healthcare records. For more information contact: Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224 #PatientCare #appointments #patientcommunication
03 November 2022

Columbia University Learning Health System Launches Pilot Projects

The Learning Health System initiative will eventually form a network of faculty working groups to help address implementation barriers in the learning health system cycle