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29 September 2022

Mobile Messaging Provides Easy Access For Patients

Smart Source will supply automated appointment phone reminders, bill reminder calls, emergency calls, educational calls, and solicitation calls as requested following all required laws and regulations. For more information contact: Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224
22 September 2022

Artificial intelligence help healthcare

Healthcare AI helps the entire clinical team put the focus on patient care. AI improves patient satisfaction and reduces cost associated to resource allocation. For more info, contact Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224
15 September 2022

Could cyberwarfare really introduce into U.S. healthcare and affect patient care organizations in this country?

The potential exposure of health care infrastructure to cyberattack presents a grave threat to clinical systems and to patient well-being #patientcare #cyberwarfare #healthcare
07 July 2022

Patient Access program developed using AI technology

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves the registration process and enhances patient access to essential resources. Click here for a summary of Smart Source solutions.
18 May 2022

Healthcare AI

Are you keeping up with Healthcare AI? At Smart Source, our AI is focused on patient access and operations. Click here for a brief review. #healthcareinnovation #healthcareai
17 May 2022

Physicians, Telemedicine Groups Collaborate on Digital Health Assessment Framework

The Digital Health Assessment Framework is intended to be an open framework, accessible for anyone to use, to support the adoption of high-quality digital health technologies and help healthcare professionals and patients make better-informed decisions about which digital health tools best suit their needs.
12 May 2022

HFMA Annual Conference Denver June 26-29

Special Dinner Invite for HFMA Attendees Register at Events - HandHolder | Smart Source Healthcare Relationship Communications
26 April 2022

Hand Holder Patient Communications

Introducing the HandHolder™ patient communications system.
04 April 2022

Chicago River Dining & Entertainment Cruise on April 26 at 7:00pm

All healthcare financial professionals are welcome. Contact us to register for your invitation(s): Maria O’Donnell 800-232-5004 x224