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19 July 2024

Stanford Health Care Launching eConsult Service for Community Physicians

Stanford’s Tip Kim and Atropos Health executives describe the ‘Patients Like Mine’ services and data reports being offered to FQHCs and other clinics #PatientCommunication #patientcare
11 July 2024

New Research Shows AI Models' Ability to Predict Demographics Can Lead to Fairness Gaps

Machine-learning models, which have shown a capacity for predicting human demographics, are likely to reinforce fairness gaps as a result of their predictions.
05 July 2024

CHAI Seeks Feedback on Responsible Health AI Framework

Framework includes criteria to evaluate standards across the AI lifecycle — from identifying a use case and developing a product to deployment and monitoring
27 June 2024

Prediction Rule Cuts CT Use in Pediatric Emergency Use Case

Researchers in Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) say they have created a highly accurate cervical spine injury prediction rule #PatientCommunication #PatientCare
14 June 2024

Microsoft Announces Cybersecurity Program to Protect Rural Hospitals Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks in the healthcare sector were up nearly 130% in 2023, and rural health centers are often at increased risk. #PatientCommunication #patientcare
08 June 2024

AI Tools Keep Breaking Barriers—And That’s a Good Thing

Recent advances in generative AI technology show the promise of AI tools and should be embraced hashtag#patientcommunication hashtag#patientcare
31 May 2024

UCSF to Develop AI Monitoring Platform for Clinical Care

Platform aims to bridge the gap between the rapid evolution of AI technologies and the need for robust, ongoing assessment of their efficacy, safety, and equity #patientcommunication #patientcare
16 May 2024

Study: ChatGPT-4 Use Helped Reduce Clinician Documentation Burnout

Researchers at Stanford Medicine have examined the use of ChatGPT-4 to draft initial responses to inpatient emails and found hopeful results. It save time and manpower. #patientcommunication #patientcare
10 May 2024

Google DeepMind Releases New AI Model Version for Drug Development

According to DeepMind, the third version of AlphaFold would reduce the time and money needed to develop treatments. #patientsafety #patientcommunication