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30 November 2021

Keeping your Information Secure

Electronic Delivery Services from Smart Source allows you to receive critical documents in the method you choose. Clients have controlled access to storage and mineable archival systems, protected statements, invoices, notices, taxes.
30 November 2021

Staying Optimistic and Coping During a Pandemic

Some good ideas from KVC Health Systems Chief Clinical Officer, Chad E. Anderson, with tips on staying optimistic during the Covid-19 pandemic. We could all use ideas to improve our attitudes we may not have thought of during these trying times.
30 November 2021

Better Medical Outcomes Via Artificial Intelligence

Several AI applications are already in use to help enhance human performance on cognitive tasks. Analyzing data, algorithms to diagnostics and treatment plans. Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation, Wearable Devices, Electronic Health Systems and more.
29 November 2021

The Environmental Impact of Commercial Fishing/Aquafarming

An article from The Climate Change Review on Commercial Fishing/Aquafarming and the negative effects in our ocean environment because of both not to mention antibiotics, pesticides and other drugs. Each year “ghost” fishing nets kill over 100,000 whales, dolphins, seals and turtles.
25 November 2021

Why is packaging important?

What’s Wrong With This Picture. Without the right packaging your product may not get the results you want. Smart Source and its creative division create packaging that will protect and enhance your product using Eco-Friendly materials for all of your promotional needs.
25 November 2021

Don’t Fear the Robot ...

In both business and healthcare, people and intelligent machines can work together to solve problems, gain insights and create value. From processing paperwork, research and Robotic Surgery to the most repetitive jobs, AI can increase productivity.
23 November 2021

The ongoing negative effects of drugs on the environment.

Drugs are mostly found in rivers and lakes but also in seas, soils, groundwater and drinking water from medicines thrown away or expelled in urine, discharges from industry, hospitals and livestock farming creating health issues to animals, humans and sea life.
23 November 2021

Telemedicine during & following Covid

With lockdowns happening due to the pandemic, many physicians, hospitals and clinics have embraced Telemedicine to serve those who might be infected while protecting nurses and doctors from exposure. Many look forward to making Telehealth a cornerstone of American health care.
18 November 2021

Covid-19 and the ongoing pet boom

With people staying at home more due to Covid-19, many people have opted to get pets to spend time with. Veterinarians have become backlogged and burned out with the upsurge of patients Almost 12.6 million households got a pet after the pandemic began in March 2020.