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05 August 2021

World Economic Forum provides a review of drugs and their impact on marine life.

From methamphetamines, cocaine, antidepressants, even contraceptive hormone-disrupting chemicals are found in our waters around the world. Unfortunately, sewage treatment plants don’t filter these chemicals.
05 August 2021

Statement-Processing Made Easy.

Let your patients pay their bills via their phones, quicker and more convenient than ever. We incorporate special tools to reformat your existing data so there is no need to purchase any new software. Call us today for a demo and see how to improve your cash flow.
02 August 2021

Where did 2021 Flu Go?

WebMD offers some comments regarding the Flu in 2021 and why it is basically gone. Could less emphasis have been placed on the flu due to the Coronavirus upsurge?
02 August 2021

Premiere Resource in Communication

As a premiere resource offering the best methods to access your customer’s needs and achieve the best in communications goals, Smart Source offers customized solutions via all delivery methods for success.
29 July 2021

Lockheed Martin and AI Advantages

An article from Lockheed Martin points out how AI helps humans become better at everything as well as being safer and less vulnerable to danger on the job. Humans & Machines working together, it’s not about the best person for the job but what’s the best team for the job.
29 July 2021

Global Solutions

Smart Source provides consultants, working with your staff, to offer the best practices and highest quality solutions in global communications and marketing from healthcare, finance, retail, hospitality, automotive and manufacturing practices. Contact us today to find your best option for success. Call 1-800-232-5004 and visit
27 July 2021

Our Beautiful Bodies.

This is just amazing. A detailed model of the human cell. The work done is from a scientific and biomedical animator Evan Ingersoll & Harvard Medical School faculty Gael McGill. Go to bottom of page to view additional photos. Individuals truly are something very special.
27 July 2021

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has classified 6 emerging variants to the Covid-19 outbreak as either a variant of concern or one of interest. Here is a synopsis of each variant recognized at this time. Go to bottom of page to view additional photos.
22 July 2021

Direct Mail, Yes or No?

Everyone likes to receive a customized advertisement through the mail. The trick is getting it right. Smart Source specializes in building brand awareness and increasing customer retention. Our solutions are created into your existing marketing efforts using our integrated delivery system.