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16 September 2021

Flying cars? Drone Delivery?

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a dream anymore. It now encompasses drone delivery, automated restaurants, long-haul truckers, improved digital assistants and equipment, flying cars, suits and motorcycles. I know it sounds impossible but emerging technologies are making history.
16 September 2021

How safe is your water?

There are many contaminants possible in water, from organic material (fertilizer and pesticides) as well as another 18 waterborne contaminants. Learn more, visit
13 September 2021

Stanford Medicine, Robot provides less invasive surgery

The story of a woman diagnosed with endometrial cancer she didn’t know she had. Surgeons removed the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and possibly cancerous lymph nodes with the use of advanced robotic technology.
13 September 2021

Business Challenges ...

Experts in delivering our customers what they need, Smart Source understands the challenges faced by business today. Our analytics can show you the results of your marketing efforts. With the correct plan, we can increase client engagement as well as revenue.
09 September 2021

The role of Big Data in Healthcare

The importance of technology in healthcare is paramount. Wearable medical devices, virtual reality, Telehealth and more to enable the best possible patient care.
09 September 2021

Importance of Creativity

State-of-the-art technology building and managing platforms customized to your business or project needs comes easy to us. The Creative Group at Smart Source is top-of-line when it comes to being original and successful for corporate identity, brand strategy and management, advertising campaigns and more.
07 September 2021

For all those lost, a special day of remembrance.

It was one of the most devastating terror attacks in the U.S., let us never forget and continue to fight for and embrace our freedoms.
07 September 2021

Critical Covid-19 patients being transferred to other states for treatment.

Critically ill Covid-19 patients are being transferred from overwhelmed hospitals with no beds via planes, helicopters and ambulances to other states for treatment. Some hospitals just don’t have the personnel as many doctors and nurses walked away after the initial surge of the virus.
02 September 2021

Reuters, 8/30/21 "The humanitarian needs on the ground are massive.”

The health system in Afghanistan is overwhelmingly understaffed, under equipped and under-funded. Bank closures are preventing humanitarian agencies to access funds.