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14 September 2023

Inside Google's Plans To Fix Healthcare With Generative AI

Google is aiming to get on a strong footing against Amazon and Microsoft, but experts say there's a lot of challenges for the technology in healthcare sector.
18 May 2023

The Development of the Chief AI Officer in Healthcare

As health systems' use of data grows, the Chief AI Officer can ensure the appropriate resources and structures are in place for successful AI implementations. "Visit for Healthcare AI solutions". #patientcommunication #patientcare
04 May 2023

Report Details Nursing Crisis

AMN Healthcare recently released the results of its annual survey of registered nurses—80 percent of nurses expect the shortage to get much worse or somewhat worse in the next five years #patientcare #patientcommunication
27 April 2023

Case Western, UH Researchers Apply AI to Cardiovascular Risk Assessment.

Study will employ machine- and deep-learning models to recognize complex patterns in medical images to produce precise insights and predictions
19 April 2023

What’s Driving Workplace Satisfaction For Nurses Today—And How Hospitals Can Respond

Intelligent workflow technologies are now as essential as bandages and medications. Now we must shift our attention to the technologies that benefit the care providers and patients by improving clinical workflows, collaboration and communication. #patientcommunication #patientcare
14 April 2023

Calling all HFMA Nashville Conference attendees!

Calling all HFMA Nashville Conference attendees!! Join Smart Source at the world-famous Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday June 27 for an evening of music, memories, and fun. Direct message to reserve your spot!
13 April 2023

The machines are no longer our tools, they are our partners

Some medical mistakes have been stubbornly hard to eliminate. Now, hospitals hope technology can make a difference. #PatientCare #patientcommunication
06 April 2023

Healthcare may lag other industries in artificial intelligence (AI)

Healthcare may lag other industries in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, but may be the ultimate proving ground where AI can really demonstrate its worth across many dimensions — introducing greater productivity and responsiveness into a sector burdened by financial squeezes, paperwork and regulations, while improving outcomes in life-or-death decisions. #patientcommunication #patientcare
29 March 2023

5 innovations that are revolutionizing global healthcare

It’s no surprise to us that AI is among the top innovations revolutionizing healthcare.