Visibility, Validation and Shared Intelligence

Smart Source is partnering with performityTM to introduce an audited, analytical overview of vendor performance.

Cloud-Based, Vendor-Performance Dashboard and Reporting

Performity’s Vtrak revenue cycle vendor dashboard swiftly aggregates and combines current data from your system and it:

  • Displays performance summaries
  • Generates standardized and organized reports customized for each of your vendor partners
  • Lets you quickly view current performance trends based on your defined strategy Identifying underperformance

Performity’s audited, analytical viewpoint provides actionable management insights.

  • Discover exactly how vendors perform using your existing data
  • Acquire the validation and insights to make informed decisions
  • Gain control over bottom-line results

A Seasoned Team of Revenue Cycle Experts - Hospital specialists with more than 100 years of combined revenue cycle experience review your organization’s data and rapidly handle the time-consuming work essential to analyze, optimize and validate vendor performance.

The Benefits of Insight-Driven Management

  • Insights that validate your outsourcing strategy
  • Visibility that reveals true vendor performance
  • Intelligence that helps identify and rapidly address any problems

Performity’s capabilities empower you to:

  • Improve Performance by visualizing it and holding vendors accountable
  • Reduce Risk by identifying it before it impacts your bottom line
  • Save Time by simplifying the process of managing multiple relationships