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Patient Estimates

Increase Price Transparency and POS Collections

Patient Estimates: Hospital, Physician & Combined

PMMC Estimator PRO, an HFMA Peer Reviewed product, allows healthcare providers to provide the patient with an accurate estimate of their financial responsibility which ultimately increases collections and improves patient satisfaction.

Patient estimates include an accurate estimate of hospital (technical), physician (professional) and combined services.


Accurate, Complete, and Clear Estimates

  • Designed to clearly communicates patient’s estimated portion
  • Uses the insurance company’s contracted rates for calculating the expected reimbursement (allowable)
  • Incorporates the patient co-pay, co-insurance and remaining deductible
  • Financial arrangements can also be included on the patient estimate form
  • Accurate estimates so staff can communicate and collect obligation
  • Incorporate all services – technical & professional

Online Estimates: Meeting the Needs of Today’s Patients

Patients are consumers more so today than ever before.

With the increased focus on improved pricing transparency, patients expect to know how much a service is going to cost prior to scheduling it.

Leading healthcare providers are now providing online patient estimates to allow patients to more easily obtain an estimate of their financial responsibilty.

Sample Patient Estimate

Combined Technical and Professional Charges