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Mission Statement

  • Make patient access to care easier by providing comprehensible communications to the broadest patient population- reduce anxiety and stress of patients.
  • Automate communication processes to unburden staff while improving content and reliability.
  • Deliver special products and services to meet the needs of special patients.
  • Utilize new technologies when appropriate to facilitate quality of care, interoperability, and healthcare relationship communications.
  • Provide our customers and patients with the highest quality products and services in the healthcare communications arena.
  • Listen to our customers in a way that is helpful and to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Impact patient safety by helping healthcare organizations educate and communicate with patients.

Patient Preferences For How Healthcare Providers Communicate With Them


It Is Time To...

  • Recover some of the estimated $4-5 billion lost from missed appointments!
  • Improve patient satisfaction with powerful outreach tools!
  • Build patient loyalty and improve patient retention through powerful and effective communications!