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Dynamic language specific communications conversions

Do you need language specific communications? No problem! We will help you convert critical medical information that exists in dynamic formats, to accurate and clear printed or electronically presented data to help your patients take control of their health and health issues.

Convert critical medical information that exist in dynamic formats

While it is a relatively simple task to convert any given static brochure or document to another language, it is another thing altogether to take data driven information and convert it accurately and completely to another language to present to patients.

Typically this patient specific information is stored in complex software programs in intricate computer processing centers that are designed to output information in large volumes in random sequences on-demand. Accurate translations, particularly for medical terminologies cannot be achieved through a simple software conversion. There are dialects to contend with, as well as the complexities of healthcare information


Methodology to translate

We have created a reliable methodology to translate and present critical medical documents in the patients’ language of choice. This means you can meet the Health and Human Services requirements and to retain federal funding for compliance.

Do you need information regarding the L.E.P. requirements? Please contact us and we can show you where to look. or send you our L.E.P. Document.