O'Baby Get Your Name

Introducing... our new Baby Name Bunny!

Our magic Bunny will help your patients select a name for their new baby by using special formulas, intuitive skills, and lots of magic. As they answer the quick questions when they appear on the screen, Baby Name Bunny will show them prospective names faster than you can say “hop, hop”. In addition to helping by making name suggestions for your prospective mothers, Baby Name Bunny will show today’s most popular baby names so patients can choose to use or shy away from those as well. Baby Name Bunny will make the naming process easy, fun, exciting and MAGIC.


We understand

all the changes prospective parents/mothers face as they discover the joys and worries of parenthood facing them. We also understand the difficulties facing healthcare providers when trying to shepherd prospective mothers through the maze of childbirth options while complying with ever increasing federal, state and local regulations, staffing issues, and medical issues. Smart Source can make some of the most pressing issues easier and faster to deal with using our integrated patient communications product and service known as O’Baby©.

Why is it needed?

Currently the United States spends more money on healthcare than any other industrialized country, topping out at 17.7% of GDP.* Yet we are ranked 45th in the world in infant mortality rates! If we are to positively impact these rates we need to do more to educate and communicate with expectant mothers, as well as get them actively involved in the healthcare system as early in the process as possible. In other words we need to make entering the system simpler and easier. And help expectant mothers to understand why this is important. The Pew Foundation estimates that more than 87% of American adults have high speed internet access, and some estimates put smart phone penetration as high as 95%. Facilitating online access to important information and healthcare tasks is key to communication with patients and improving their understanding of the healthcare process. Reaching prospective mothers by reaching OUT in multiple technologies, with simple to use tools may result in decreased infant mortality rates.

What does it contain?

Smart Source O’Baby© is an online, simple to use program that is custom built for your organizations’ needs and your community’s needs to draw expectant mothers into the healthcare world BEFORE their baby is making its appearance. Configured for computer access, iPad access, iPhone access, and other mobile technologies, O’Baby© outreach supports automated phone messaging as well as text messaging (and traditional print messaging) to maximize potential touches. It is also available as health literacy sensitive and foreign language sensitive communications to reach the broadest possible audience.

Online birth registrations— get all necessary paperwork for prospective mothers done online before the baby is due so that:

  • it is never lost
  • it is one less worry for parents & staff
  • financial preapprovals are done ahead of time

Options— advise new parent course options, care options, and parenting and child rearing options

Offerings for Obstetrics— communicate special obstetrical offerings available at your hospital such as:

  • birthing classes
  • Dulas
  • special lifesaving equipment for mothers and babies

Opportunities— to demonstrate how and why your birthing center is the best possible place for mother and child

O'Baby FAQs

What makes it easy and fast?
Why do hospitals and doctors want this?

Hospitals want this product because it allows for accurate resource planning as well as trend analysis. And because insurance and employment can be pre-verified it allows for early financial planning for the hospital, physician, and patient. When data is collected online it is importable to the patient’s EMR, and sharable with other authorized caregivers. It is also less likely to be “lost or misplaced” resulting in the need for re-creation while a mother is in labor! And it simplifies the potential language barriers because the mother has chosen and informed the hospital and doctor her preferred language of choice.

Expected Results?
  • Improved patient experience
  • Streamlined entry process
  • Patient managed information yields current information
  • Decreased staff paperwork handling and intervention
  • Track-able activities and results
  • Potentially improved infant mortality rates