Help your lost and confused patients find their way INSIDE your hospital.

True Turn-by-Turn Indoor Navigation


Electronic Wayfinding


What exactly is Electronic Wayfinding?

Electronic Wayfinding is a customizable app that patients can easily install onto their smartphone or tablet (iOs or Android) device to receive precise indoor positioning and turn-by-turn navigation to guide them to their appointment or anywhere else they need to go.

How does this work?

Electronic Wayfinding uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and handset sensor fusion technology to locate the device – and the patient – inside the building with an accuracy of 3 to 6 feet as soon as the application is opened. Electronic Wayfinding then guides the patient with step-by-step “blue dot” navigation similar to what users enjoy outdoors with Google or Apple. The BLE beacons are low cost, have a 3 year battery life and can be deployed and calibrated in just a few days.


Why do we need this?

Lost patients are a continually perplexing problem, and patients feel helpless and stupid when they struggle to navigate through complex buildings they may never have entered before. All while they are sick or hurt and anxious about receiving the care they need.

Lost staff is also a very real problem that impacts efficiency. Whether a new hire, or a staff member needing to be somewhere they have never been before, time may be wasted (without Electronic Wayfinding) by personnel trying to find their way.

Key Functionalities

  • Network-wide outdoor routes and directions with Google Maps.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation inside the hospital
  • Special Routing for disabled patients
  • Multi-language capability
  • One-tap communications: text, email, voice, multimedia
  • Appointment scheduling integration with Parking Planner
  • My Car – save parking location and guides user back after appointment
  • Location-based analytics