What Is Your Clinical Mobile Strategy?

  • No ROI?
  • No EMR support for your Accountable Care initiatives?
  • Your EMR vendor only supports one mobile platform?
  • Concerned about data security on multiple user-liable devices?
  • Not sure if mobile EMR portals make an impact on care delivery?
  • Coordination of care with outside providers still a challenge?

Smart Source/OmniClinic is your one-stop solution for mobile clinical data management.

It is a comprehensive, streamlined, affordable and ultra-secure platform that supports all modern smartphones and tablets, and integrates with most EMRs. It is also an HIE platform, and provides a ROI that large HIEs cannot achieve. It expands through several modules such as patient reminders and case management, mobile CPOE, and a mobile imaging study viewer.

Solving The Mobile Puzzle In Healthcare

Smart Source/OmniClinic is a mobile, EHR-agnostic clinical data management service and Health Information Exchange platform. By interfacing with hospital EHRs, it provides a bridge to actionable clinical data at the point of care and on the move.

Smart Source/OmniClinic provides the following benefits:

  • Short learning curve
  • Seamless fit with existing workflows
  • Modular, customizable and scalable
  • More comprehensive than a regular (State or local) HIE
  • Does not require desktop virtualization
  • Flexible delivery model: on-premise or Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Patient communication through SMS or dedicated consumer app
  • Uncompromising data security
  • Supports accountable care and the Health Home model
  • Designed and developed by practicing physicians
  • Dissects clinically relevant data from a host EMR and displays it in a streamlined mobile interface
  • Interfaces with most EMRs
  • Supports all mobile platforms
  • Users can exchange notes and results via encrypted e-mail
  • Low cost/high ROI
  • Instant notification and communication between participating providers

Security Features Include:

  • Transparent encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant algorithm with 256 bit key length
  • Lifetime secure key management (distribution,rotation, revocation)
  • Isolation of root users from the protected data repository
  • Role-based platform privileges
  • Tamper-resistant secure audit trails
  • 90-day password rotation